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“I am a physician specializing in Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation. The patients I treat often have complex needs due to neurologic and orthopedic injuries. Sheryl Wainwright has done life care planning and case management for many of my patients over many years. Her life care plans are thoughtful and thorough to meet the lifetime needs of my patients. Her case management is exceptional. She gives hope and finds resources for people in extremely difficult life situations. She is creative, resourceful, compassionate and effective.”

Judy Gooch, M.D. , President, Utah Neuro Rehabilitation

“I have had the pleasure of retaining the services of Sheryl Dobson-Wainwright and her team for the several years. I have a personal injury practice that runs the full scope of injured clients from minor to catastrophic and thus I have relied upon Nurse Dobson’s expertise in the preparation of life care plans that have been used to settle numerous claims against large insurance companies. Also, I have found Nurse Dobson to be an excellent trial and deposition witness as she is always very prepared and even charming on the stand. I highly recommend her services to anyone in a similar practice as mine.”

Lynn C. Harris, ESQ.

“I have worked with Sheryl for several years while at different law firms. Sheryl is my go to life care expert. She is quick, efficient, affordable, pleasant and understands what a personal injury client/case needs. As many might say, she gets it. She has an excellent bedside manner with clients. Sheryl does not overreach on her opinions but is also willing to listen and incorporate outside thoughts and suggestions. Sheryl has a vast amount of experience dealing with every type of injury and loss. She knows what to look for and what to expect with respect to future needs that accompany a specific injury. Sheryl has a good rapport with medical providers. I get nothing but positive feedback from doctors about her. There has even been occasion where she was able to do literature research that helped educate medical providers on medical world opinion with respect to specific injuries. She is informative and helpful in her report descriptions. She leaves no question unanswered and no rock unturned. Sheryl presents well and is engaging. Jurors and defense attorneys receive her positively.”

Damien Huntsman, paralegal

“I have worked with Sheryl for several years as a Case Manager and a Life Care Planner. She is quick, efficient, and professional, and understands the needs of clients with long term injuries and illnesses. She has an excellent bedside manner with clients, and her opinions are based on sound clinical practices. Sheryl listens to, and incorporates, the pertinent opinions of other providers. Sheryl has a vast amount of experience dealing with every type of injury and loss. She performs in-depth research on her cases, and has a sound knowledge of the available resources in the community for her clients. I have enjoyed working with Sheryl over the years, and view her as a valuable member of the team.”

Stuart King, M.D.

“My law firm and I have had the pleasure of working with Sheryl Dobson-Wainwright for approximately three years. We have hired Ms. Wainwright and her company on multiple occasions for medical legal consulting including life care planning services and medical case management for injured clients. We have continued to retain Ms. Wainwright as an expert witness in our cases because she is highly intelligent, detail oriented, and remains calm under pressure.

Ms. Wainwright understands medicine and medical complications far beyond her experience or training as a registered nurse. While she does not purport to be an expert in every area of medicine, she has a good understanding of even the most unique medical conditions. We also value Ms. Wainwright for her creativeness and attention to detail. She will often make suggestions or have ideas for a patient that not only improves our position in a case, but secures the best future care for an injured person. Ms. Wainwright is reliable. She promptly responds to all of our requests and politely reminds us when we have neglected to ask her to perform a task that is important to the case.

I am also highly impressed with Ms. Wainwright’s abilities under pressure. As a medical legal expert, Ms. Wainwright is frequently required to appear for depositions where she is cross examined by opposing counsel. Despite opposing counsel’s years of experience in breaking down expert witnesses, Ms. Wainwright is almost always able to provide calm and intelligent explanations for their questions. She is able to anticipate experienced legal counsel’s strategies and offer honest answers to prevent her testimony from being twisted or confused.

Finally, on a more personal note, Ms. Wainwright is more than an expert witness. She is fun, funny, and friendly. She has a fun personality that makes her very likable and approachable. She is loved and respected by the most simple or lowly of injured patients, but also demands the respect of experienced trial attorneys.”

John Macfarlane, ESQ.

“Both I, and Kevin Robson, have had the pleasure of working with Sheryl Wainwright for the large portion of our professional careers. As such, we are familiar with her qualities and characteristics on both a personal and professional level. Based upon our assessment of Sheryl, we can sincerely state that she is one of the finest individuals and Life Care Planners we have the privilege of working with.

Sheryl is an astute and perceptive Life Care Planner that focuses immediately on critical issues and quickly eliminates tangential, superfluous points that do not add value to a case. Sheryl also has exceptional writing and research skills and works with my client’s providers to ensure all details have been thought about and included in her Life Care Plans, including meticulous timelines and future treatment plans.

Sheryl is very personable and likable and has had a wonderful working relationship with clients, staff, health care providers and other professionals. Our clients always report positive interactions with Sheryl following her in-home visits. In addition, Sheryl is disciplined and has meet or exceeded timelines instilled every time one has been imposed on her.

We highly recommend Sheryl Wainwright and plan on utilizing her services over the course of my career.”

Jeff Gooch, Esq., Shareholder, Jones Waldo

“Sheryl Wainwright is an outstanding life-care planner. She brings a wealth of medical knowledge to the table as a highly trained and experienced nurse as well as Certified life-care planner. In addition to reading the client’s medical records, Sheryl spends time with the client and client’s family getting to know every aspect of the client’s life, including the challenges they face on a daily basis as a result of their medical condition. Sheryl’s attention to detail and broad knowledge of the resources available to patients in the community lends itself to the creation of a comprehensive life-care plan that addresses every aspect of the client’s future care needs. Sheryl is willing to work hand-in-hand with the client’s treating physicians to create a life-care plan that includes their recommendations. Sheryl prepares careful and thoughtful life-care plans that are validated and substantiated by multiple sources. She is accessible and responsive to communications from counsel and completes projects efficiently and in a timely manner. Sheryl is always well-prepared. She is articulate, intelligent and able to provide compelling testimony regarding the life-care plans she authors. I highly recommend Sheryl Wainwright as a life-care planner.”

Jacqueline Carmichael, Esq., Partner, Eisenberg, Cutt, Kendell, & Olson

“Sheryl is personable, professional and knowledgeable. She really takes the time to work with our clients and other retained experts to quantify clients’ damages. She is exceptionally attentive and reliable. We would recommend Sheryl to anyone who needs a Life Care Plan.”

Adams Davis, PC

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