Expert Consultants in Medical-Legal, Data Analytics, and Healthcare Management.

Aratai International offers healthcare and business consulting,
case management, medical-legal support, data analysis, and more.

Collaborative healthcare solutions & more.

Aratai International specialises in providing organization, large and small, with the services they need to build and develop cost-effective and high quality healthcare strategies. We invest time in understanding your business goals and challenges, and we develop programs and strategies to help you reach those goals.

Helping you make the right choices.

Timely, honest, and accurate information when you need it, and how you need it. We put you behind the wheel of our high performance machine!

Business & healthcare Consulting

Business & Healthcare Consulting

Medical-Legal Support

Medical-Legal Support

Let’s face it. No-one likes to be caught in the cross-hairs of the legal system, but when an error occurs, fair and impartial expert opinions are important. Our team of medical-legal experts has vast experience working as expert witnesses, consultants to attorneys, and consultants to healthcare organizations and providers. We offer a range of services to support the medical malpractice or personal injury attorney, both plaintiff and defense; insurance companies; physicians and other healthcare practitioners; and hospital systems to help with medical-legal claims and to build strategies to mitigate risk and improve the customer experience.

Aratai Data Analysis

Data Analysis

Whether your organization is big or small; whether you use an Electronic Health Record and claims data, customer surveys, electronic sales or manufacturing programs, or an Excel spreadsheet, analyzing and reporting your data to uncover hidden patterns, customer preferences, correlations, and new business opportunities has become the lifeblood of any organization. You can trust our highly trained staff to use nationally and internationally accepted programs and protocols to analyze and audit your data.

Aratai International offers a variety of services. head to our Services page to see a full list of what our company can offer you. We’re here to help you every step of the way.

Medical Expense Management

Medical Expense Management

Education, Training, & Seminars

Education, Training, & Seminars

Risk Management

Risk management

Global health Strategies

Global Health Strategies

Siz Sigma Quality Improvment

Quality Improvement


Data Analysis ReportingData Analysis & Reporting

Client Testimonials

“I’ve found Nurse Dobson to be an excellent trial and deposition witness. She is always very prepared and even charming on the stand. I highly recommend her services to anyone in a similar practice as mine.”.


“Sheryl has done life care planning and case management for many of my patients. Her case management is exceptional. She gives hope and finds resources for people in extremely difficult life situations.”


“Sheryl is my go to life care expert. She is quick, efficient, affordable, pleasant and understands what a personal injury client/case needs…She leaves no question unanswered and no rock unturned.”


“Sheryl has a vast amount of experience dealing with every type of injury. She performs in-depth research on her cases, and has a knowledge of available resources in the community for her clients.”


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